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Healthcare is going through one of the most challenging times in recent history. But there is no better time to reimagine, reinvent, and transform our perspective and approach to health. VIVE is a group of like-minded, experienced marketers who are passionate about bringing insight, engagement, and growth to leading healthcare innovators and disruptors.

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We specialize in brand strategy, design and activation for today’s innovators

We believe in branding from the inside out. We help innovators clarify a unique and compelling brand promise, wire that promise to their employees, and activate it with their customers.  Our approach to branding is comprehensive, incorporating discovery, strategy, and activation though lead generation and creative campaigns.


Purpose-driven marketing begins here


Brand identity and voice starts with WHY.


The world still loves a superbly crafted story.


Activating your brand with digital tools to drive growth.

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Some Of Our Specialties

Surge Agency is a different type of healthcare marketing agency, combining marketing discipline expertise with strategists steeped in the knowledge of specific innovation sectors. 

Healthcare Providers
Healthcare Providers

Health systems and other care providers seeking to engage patients, shift from volume to value and reinvent their Digital Front Door.

Health Tech Innovators
Health Tech Innovators

Start-ups and established companies developing disruptive technology that transforms the way patients and care givers interact.

Biotech and Genomics
Biotech and Genomics

Genomics and biotech companies utilizing the human genome to create breakthrough therapies and treatments.

Health and Wellness
Health and Wellness

Companies that improve the human condition through alternative medicine and healthy living solutions.

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